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Classic Lashes

Designed for Beginners

This course is ideal for beginners and people who have an interest to start a career in the lash industry. Becoming a lash stylist can be very rewarding and this is a perfect career change for those whom are unhappy in there current job.  Classic lashes are a eyelash extension treatment available using the one to one application technique to create extra length and volume to your natural lashes.  These lashes will  blend  into your natural lash with no feeling of discomfort meaning you can wear these as part of your daily routine. Eyelash extensions are no longer an occasional thing, more women want to have eyelashes permanently so they can look and feel good at all times. 


Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

This course is perfect for lash technicians who have mastered the classic lash treatment but wish to offer a more volume look to clients. Volume lashes is when a lash technician now becomes a lash stylist using more in depth knowledge about eye shapes and styles to create a set of lashes suited to the individual. This course is designed to show you how to not only apply eyelashes but create styles and expand your lash mapping skills. Learn to work with coloured lashes and how to use the curls to complement clients eye shape. 


Volume lashes is being able to create volume eyelash extension using super fine lightweight lashes. Learn the skills, tips and tricks to pick up multiple lashes and the different techniques used to create fans of lashes from 2-8 using the correct placement methods. This year LashArt was the first company in the industry to bring out the NEW self fanning lashes to beauty industry. Be the first to learn about this amazing new product making volume lashing easier than ever before.


AirLift Your Lash

Courses available now!

This is a NEW Lash Treatment that is now available with LashArt. The lash lift treatments are becoming extremely popular in the beauty industry. Due to its quick and effective results that last 6-8 weeks. This treatment will enhance your clients natural lashes without any damage. Leaving your client with longer healthy looking natural lashes without the use of extensions.

Mega Volume Lashes!

Coming soon to LashArt

This is our unique course which is designed for professionals who wish to learn the new self fanning volume lashes! This is an advanced course so you must hold a Russian Volume qualification, it is also for technicians who are confident in making lash fans - but we will be promoting our new self fanning method. This technique means you can create a volume lash look for your clients without them having the extra weight of thicker lashes. This course is perfect for lash technicians wanting to excel to the highest level of their career, including competition level.



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